Monday, January 31, 2011

There's a new girl in town.

And my boys are smitten.

Nora-Boo has come over to play a couple of times this week and she goes home with no shortage of smooches from my menfolk.

And when she's nice, we even feed her. It's one of the perks for outstanding behavior in our babysitting policies.

Now this little wild tike....he just won't be turned down by any ladies.
Persistence is key.
The competition is brewing already. Lil bro- 1, Big Bro- 0.
Oh but wait, it looks like the girl's got her eye on Big Bro anyway.


Nora-boo's mama said...

Oh, I just LOVE these pics! She's her mama's daughter all right. HA!!! Your affectionate boys are the sweetest things. I look forward to pulling these pictures back out when they're in high school. THANK YOU for taking such great care of my girl!

Kelly said...

I want to know if Nora-boo's daddy has seen these pics??!! I do recall him setting the age limit of 32!

Ally said...

These are adorable...what a dream come true...that bottle feeding pic will be great at the wedding!!